Adult room in aol chat

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Once you have accessed the directory of chat rooms, you can join any room by either double-clicking on the name of the room, or by selecting the name of the room and then selecting Go Chat.

In 1996, AOL made history by offering internet service for a flat monthly rate.

The AIM chat room directory contains both rooms created by AOL and rooms created by registered users.In the new version of AIM Chat, we've replaced the flash-based FDO interface with a Web-based html format for users of AOL 9.0 and higher versions.The FDO interface, also known as the Classic Chat version, will still be available for AOL 8.0 and AOL 9.0 users who navigate directly to the FDO chat rooms.Chat rooms were hugely popular at the time — in 1997, AOL hosted 19 million of them.Combine that with the advent of new internet technologies like DSL, which made AOL’s subscription model obsolete, and new paradigms for online social networking—Friendster, Myspace and Facebook—and the chat room's demise was obvious, if not imminent.

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