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Most of the time they will still work fine, but there's a slight chance your sticks might become unusable.It's currently being investigated on our side, until then I have to recommend to uninstall Aura until we've fully assessed the situation. HWMonitor should follow CPU-Z but not sure from which version, I recommend updating to the latest. Cold boot issues and AMD CBS reset after DRAM training fails (F9 POST code) Due to the way DRAM settings are implemented by AMD, we currently have no way to apply anything but default voltages at boot after removing standby power from the board.If left at Auto you might end up still running at 90 MHz.

Beware of this issue and expect your CPU Core Voltage to be default P0 VID CPU Core Voltage offset SMU increase from XFR when this happens.New BIOSes should be OK with defaults Sense Mi Skew setting of 272.If you have problems with fan speeds and/or very off temperature readings (-79*C and the like), make sure it's not caused by any third-party monitoring software on your system.Q-codes Common Q-codes you might run into are listed at the end of the Extreme overclocking guide along with other useful information even if you don't intend to push your system to its limits.It's a recommended read for all users new to the AM4 platform.

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