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Every now and then, dating in college has that special way of making you feel like you’re from another planet.Finding a life partner may seem easy — after all, people on TV can do it in three seasons, tops.“My parents do look, I look, friends and family look, extended family, family friends look.” While the way many Americans think of dating may not factor into Bhuiyan’s quest, the search for a life partner is based on many of the same things Americans do look for in their future partners.“You take family background into account, you take intelligence into account, you take looks into account, you take religion into account a lot,” he said.Many international students who come to the University of Georgia every year find many aspects similar to those in their home countries — such as the desire to do well, make friends and have fun — but romantic dating is one thing that differs across borders.“Lithuanians date similarly to Americans, I guess, but it depends on what kind of family you come from and what kind of background,” said Sauleja Satkute, a third-year psychology and studio art major from Kaunas, Lithuania.In a final project like no other, students of the Music Business Certificate Program will put on May Day – a student-managed showcase of 18 bands, including The Ginkgos, Bear Left and Universal Sigh at the Melting Point on May 5.

“In Costa Rica, you would tell if somebody is dating or not, here somebody has to tell you,” Lacy said. I feel it’s very rare to see people holding hands in the street.Brazil's team-based athletes proved particularly successful in Athens, as the men's indoor volleyball team (led by Gilberto Godoy Filho) and the women's football team (led by Formiga) won gold and silver medals, respectively.Among the nation's medalists were beach volleyball team Ricardo Santos and Emanuel Rego, Laser sailor Robert Scheidt, and the judokas Leandro Guilheiro and Flávio Canto.Show jumper Rodrigo Pessoa originally claimed a silver medal in men's show jumping.On October 8, 2004, International Federation for Equestrian Sports announced that Waterford Crystal, owned by Ireland's Cian O'Connor, failed a horse doping test for fluphenazine and zuclopenthixol that formally stripped off O'Connor's Olympic title in early 2005.

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