Dating a webley mk iv

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Round Ball to Rimfire -- Part Three Federal Pistols, Revolvers & Misc.Essays (488 pages) This is Part Three of the projected four-part series on Civil War small arms ammunition.All ammunition sales must adhere to applicable Federal, State and Local laws.] NOTE: We can not sell or ship ammunition to any residents of Kalifornia, Massachusetts or Illinois, or other states or localities run by liberal idiots. Vote the rascals out, or flee to freedom in another state while you still can!We will be happy to shrink wrap boxes of ammo in plastic for display. Depending on our schedule, it may delay shipment by a few days. Price for one box is .00 (View Picture) 4053 .25-35 WINCHESTER AMMO- 3 BOXES - Nice clean boxes probably circa 1960s-1980s. Will shrink wrap in plastic if requested at no charge.

Some are extremely scarce, perhaps unique, other are rare, and some are minor variations of fairly common types.If requested when ordering we will shrink wrap in plastic and include an extra loose round to show contents- .00 (View Picture) 20448 FINNISH BOX OF 25 ROUNDS 9 x 19mm LUGER AMMO - Military contract style packing, made by Sako A.B., (Suojeluskuntain Ase-je Konepa ja Oy), Riihimaki, Finland, in 1958.This was ammunition made for use in the Military Assistance Program, mainly Thailand and Vietnam which took place from the 1960s to about April 1975.(Note that this is distinct from the .30 Ball M2 made for the DCM program in 1966-17 with LC 66 or LC 67 headstamps which was loaded with WC 852 or IMR 4895 powder and are perfectly good for M1 rifles.) The suspect ammunition loaded for FMAP was intended for use in .30 caliber machine guns and waivers were granted to use WC 852 ball powder which had given higher gas port pressures in M1 rifles but was deemed suitable for machine gun use.

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