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Hence they would spontaneously consider it to be apprehended by some distorted thought procedure triggered by a psychological disorder.From their perspective, this argument is, of course, flawless, and indeed that is preventing the natural reproduction process.We would probably try our best to acknowledge the concept of choice instead of exerting our biased understanding of life.This initiative comes from the fact that we, as a generation, are more exposed to the world from a young age and we know where it is going and how it is evolving more accurately than the previous generations, with our amazing travels around the world, knowledge of different communities and races by directly interacting with them, moving beyond all language barriers, reading all that could be available from around the world through internet and therefore having a holistic approach towards life.

There are a lot more people who are okay with being friends with benefits – and loads of reasons it's not a bad idea.Our parents and grandparents would also never think that the idea of dating within the same gender justified.I have asked many from my previous generation to comment on it and mostly they expressed incredulity, justifying their point of view by saying that this goes against the natural flow of evolution.Personally, I don’t have a regret that my previous generation has taught me to understand and extract things in a certain way from life because I have always gained from such teachings.But then I am fortunate enough to fit into that social norm well and feeling comfortable in it.

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