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Get as many distribution channels as possible- There is some weird sense that if you build something they will just come. Each one by itself may not be large, but if you have many it starts to add up. If you’re a 100% SEO play, you’re playing a dangerous dangerous game. Go with your gut and do not care about fameballing- Go with what your gut says, regardless of how it might look to the rest of the world. Be an unrelenting machine– Brick walls are there to show you how bad you want something. If your goal is to become a millionaire, you need to be an unrelenting machine that does not let emotions make you give up / stop.

Inequality of information- Find a place where you know something that many undervalue.

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Be a master of information– Many think it might be wasteful that I spent so much time on newsyc or read so many tech information sites. I’m at my worst when I’m isolated from people and at my best when I’ve at least spent some time with close friends (usually who I don’t know from business.) Make waves, don’t ride them– There was a famous talk Jawed Karim gave from youtube.

He described the factors that made youtube take off in terms of secondary/enabling technologies.

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