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I’m sure it was ‘John Calvin.’” Well, it was probably just gas, but the parents are expectant and excited because Jimmy is on the cusp of something that is magnificently human — he is getting ready to talk! She had been sick for a while, and we were called to her bedside.

What is sadder in all of life than when a human being goes silent? We knew that this was the end, but we were privileged to spend her final week with her. I finally bent over her bed and whispered in her ear, “Mom, we’re out of hymns, we’re going to sing to you the Beatles.” She smiled.

The terms are so mundane — They just don’t seem to carry the freight of how profoundly significant and important this area of life actually is.

Think with me about the significance of this part of our lives.

The book of Proverbs is, in ways, a treatise on talk.

I would summarize it this way: you ought to hear something that is high and holy and significant and important.

May God help us never to look at talk as something that doesn’t matter. I know that the saddest and most celebratory moments of your life have been accompanied by talk.

No, I’m writing as a man in moment-by-moment need of the rescuing grace of my Redeemer.Maybe that’s exactly why they are profoundly important.I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but you only make three or four big decisions in your life. Several decades after you die, the people you leave behind will struggle to remember the events of your life. And if God doesn’t rule your mundane, he doesn’t rule you, because that’s where you live.You and I will never understand the profound importance of words unless we start here. What this means is that whenever you take words as belonging to you, your words lose their shelter from difficulty.You have never spoken a word that belongs to you, because words belong to the Lord.

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