Victor victrola dating

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The first example is the first type where the word Victor was used on the label and is a 7" example. The first two labels are considered "Pre-Dog" labels, as they lack the famous Nipper logo yet to be used.These words would them get moved to above the trademark (1928-29).Along the way the name of the company changed as well and would show at the bottom. In March 1929 the Radio Corporation of America purchased Victor.

The last label in the first row has a last patent date of 1908 and shows along the bottom row "Emile Berliner Victor Talking Machine Co." The last five labels have a patent date of May 1912 and just say "Victor Talking Machine Company" along the bottom.

Both Columbia and Victor claimed victory so both put it on their label, confusing consumers. Here are three black examples each with a slightly different logo design and a Red Seal.

The second one, a political speech by William Jennings Bryan, also adds some extra patent information under the logo.

The Victor Company and its successors made no Gilbert and Sullivan recordings of any note, except the three sets on so-called long playing discs of the Victor Light Opera Company's H. However, the worldwide importance of the recordings and related activities of the Victor Company impels the writer to present a detailed study of the matrix number systems used by them.

Pinafore, the Civic Light Opera Company's Mikado, and the 1932 Pirates of Penzance. The Victor releases of the Gilbert and Sullivan operas were imported and repressed from the original Gramophone Company matrices.

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