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Look out for you first, at all times.” Has she witnessed downlow men in Hollywood? I have a lot of friends in the fashion industry and the entertainment industry in general. The reason I like having my gay boyfriends is because they can tell you which ones be playing for both clubs.

"And it's now being a visual with the public sees us as that relationship that didn't work." To watch 50 Cent's full interview, tune into The Tyra Show Tuesday at 4 p.m. Vivica was destined to keep the fellas at attention. The young guys who attract me have more spirit; they aren't set in their ways. COM: We all remember when 50 Cent thanked you for wearing that dress during his acceptance speech at the 2003 BET Awards. The one thing that I'm grateful for from the 50 Cent relationship is that it introduced me to a whole new generation. FOX: I've been really busy but I've got my eyes open.Now settled in her 40s, the actress and producer continues to embrace the love and attention of younger men--and encourages more 40-somethings to give it a try. Most of time they want to travel, go out, go dancing and have fun. Perhaps had I not dated him, they would not have followed my career, not known who I was even with the movies. I'm not dating anyone specifically, but I am accepting applications.PHOTOS: Celebrity Exes Reunited "[I learned] to trust in my heart and know to take the time not to settle," she spilled.When 50 Cent ended his 2003 relationship with actress Vivica A. Tyra Banks admits she was shocked they reconnected. You were saying crazy stuff about her," Banks tells 50 Cent.

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